Sittin' Chicken and Turkey Combo

  • Set of 2 cooking cones, 1 for a chicken, 1 for up to an 18-pound turkey
  • Ceramic glazed inside and out for easy dishwasher clean-up
  • Unglazed bottom sits directly on a grill; wide base won't tip over
  • Inside holds beer, juice, or marinade to add moisture to a bird
  • Chicken cone measures 5 by 4-1/4 inches; turkey, 6 by 6 inches

List Price: $25.00
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These two ceramic cones, one for a chicken and one for a turkey, make an easier and safer alternative to cooking with an actual beer can. The method is the same: liquid is put in a cylinder that goes up inside the bird's cavity, and as the liquid heats during grilling it creates steam that keeps the bird moist. Beer isn't even required-the Sittin' Chicken or Sittin' Turkey cones can hold butter, olive oil, garlic, fruit juice, soda, or chunks of onion, apple or lemon. For extra flavor marinade can be injected into the bird and the outside rubbed with spices. An onion or potato stuffed in the neck opening of the bird helps keep the moisture in. After a couple hours of slow cooking on the grill, the result is a bird crispy on the outside with flavorful and moist meat.

The ceramic cones are designed with wide bases to prevent tipping, and are glazed inside and out to make clean-up a snap-the cones go right into the dishwasher. Spraying a cone with a nonstick vegetable spray before sitting the bird on top will make the job even easier. The underside of the base is unglazed to go directly on a grill. If the cones are used in an oven, a pan of water or sheet of aluminum foil needs to go underneath to catch drips. The Sittin' Chicken measures 5 by 4-1/4 inches, while the Sittin' Turkey measures 6 by 6 inches and can hold a turkey weighing up to 18 pounds. This set with one of each makes a great gift for the outdoor chef. --Ann Bieri

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