Grande Epicure M8009005 15-Inch by 21-Inch Maple Turkey Carving Board with Juice Well and Handles

  • Solid Maple
  • Deep well for retaining meat juices
  • Fun but useful tips hot stamped onto board surface
  • Integrated handles
  • Made in USA

List Price: $24.95
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Product Description
Made from the finest quality Maple, this is a new twist on a turkey carving board features hot stamped helpful tips and cooking guides. This Maple Turkey Carving Board has a deep juice well that collects the liquids so there is no mess on your countertop and side handles for a great presenatation. Snow River is best known for producing premium wood cutting boards that are hand finished by experienced craftsmen. The wood is dried in a tightly controlled process to ensure a consistent moisture content which is critical in avoiding wood cracks and splitting. All sawdust from production is recycled into wood pellets for pellet stoves. 14-inch by 21-inch by 3/4-inch