Day Four

Yesterday, we had to go to Providence so we got takeout lunch at Crugnale's bakery AND we went to the farmer's market and acquired beets (which I think are gross, but the houseguest adores them), asparagus, lettuce, some very very expensive early tomatoes (they get you because they are so beautiful and there are no good tomatoes in NE until late July), a thyme plant which I was cautioned not to overwater, and some very tasty local milk (I only had a sip of it to try it).

Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes (if the kiddos havent found the blueberries and gobbled them while I was writing this)
Lunch: Free lunch and a movie at the library. (I feel a little bad about my kids eating free lunch but the librarian insists its not a charity thing...)
Dinner: WackyMac which I'll probably make with red sauce (gravy) for the kids and something else for the grups... Beets, asparagus...

We are out of about 17 things now. Lucky we have free lunch today and a birthday party tomorrow!